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A taxi stand
Airport Prague ->
Prague 6
450 CZK
Airport Prague ->
everywhere else in Prague
550 CZK
Prague -> Brno
2900 CZK
Prague -> Karlovy Vary
2000 CZK
Price of the pickup
from the city (going
to the airport)
is the same as of
the transfer from
the airport.

Do you need to get to or from the Airport Prague? We are here for you - best prices,
always on time, absolute reliability.

We provide private airport transfers from and to the Airport Prague (PRG), with personal cars, for best prices (eg. trip from the Airport Prague to anywhere in Prague (even to the suburbs) costs only 550 CZK or 25 EUR. The prices are the same for the pick-ups from the city. Other example, the trip Prague - Brno is only 2900 CZK or 127 EUR. For more info about prices please see the price list).
Airport pick-up (for yourself, your business partners, friends etc.) will cost you the same as the transfer from the city. You dont pay any extra charge even in case of the delayed flight.
How long in advance is it necessary to make a reservation? The longer, the better. You dont have to be worried when ordering a long time in advance - once you place an order, you receive a confirmation, which can be used to verify the order on this website anytime in the future.
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Services offered by:
V.P.Druzstvo, Bellusova 1864, Praha 5, ICO: 27072878
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